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144: Pasta (파스타)

I’m currently so hooked onto this Korean drama, Pasta (파스타)! I watched a tiny bit of Episode 1 many many weeks ago but I wasn’t persistent enough, so I did not persist beyond the first 20 minutes of the drama. But it’s really really nice! I’m currently into my 12th episode of this drama (Episode 16 was broadcasted in Korea just this Tuesday and there are 20 episodes in total). And I can’t help but share what I feel about this drama!

The storyline

I am a huge huge fan of food dramas! I love food dramas and films – both japanese and korean! Love the food showcased in the drama! Pasta is essentially about an italian restaurant in Korea – La Sfera! But instead of focusing on the food (the pasta and all), the drama focuses more on human relationships (romance, friendship, employee-subordinate etc). But the most important thing is that the content/storyline is not really heavy! Pasta is a really light-hearted drama! And my very first (alright, second) impression is that it has great similarities to The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince and Triple. The storylines for all three dramas are pretty light! And yes, I read somewhere that the producers of Pasta are also the producers of Coffee Prince and Triple. Hmm, no wonder I felt they were all quite similar in styles. And yes, there is not devious plans by evil minions and really minimal interferences from the second male and female leads. Good:) I like that.

The acting

I’m impressed. I’m (again) very impressed by Gong Hyo Jin. I first saw her in Thank You (고맙습니다), another one of my favourite favourite korean dramas. And was already very impressed by her acting and her chemistry with the male lead (Jang Hyuk), the child actress (Seo Shin Ae) and veteran actor (Shin Goo). Looks wise, Gong Hyo Jin is not exceptionally pretty but she won me over with her acting in both Thank You (고맙습니다)  and Pasta (파스타). I really like how she portrays her character (Seo Yoo Kyung) in Pasta. She comes across as very natural in her acting, not overly cutesy (not the OTT act-cute kind). And she has a very natural charm!

And the male lead, Lee Seon Gyun. This is the first time I’m really impressed by his acting and his chemistry with the female lead, Gong Hyo Jin. And yes, Lee Seon Gyun was both in Coffee Prince and Triple. But in the two dramas, he failed to make a really deep impression in me. But in Pasta, I felt he shone. He has awesome chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin! And I really enjoy watching them banter, laugh and flirt! Their relationship in the drama progresses really naturally and I really like the flow of things in this drama. It’s the first time I felt that Lee Seon Gyun (in his role, as Chef/Choi Hyun Wook) is really yummy (much more than the pasta in the drama). Love this couple!:)

Then, there’s the other two leads, Alex Chu (of Clazziquai) and Lee Ha Nui/Honey Lee (Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up). Alex is also yummy. Loved him in the variety show, We Got Married. Back then, he was the ideal romantic guy to date. And he is one of my favourite Kpop singer and I really like Clazziquai a lot too! And this is his first “huge” drama (I think). Not too bad for a newbie. Lee Ha Nui is no doubt, gorgeous. And really smart in real life as well (SNU graduate) and a really impressive family history. This is her 2nd drama, after Partner. I thought her acting was not too bad too. Hmm, after all, the real yummy part of this drama is the Lee Seon Gyun-Gong Hyo Jin couple!

The other sidekicks/actors/actresses in this drama are not bad too. Good fillers for the drama at times and can be amusing at times.

The music

How can I not forget about the music and the soundtrack? LOVE LOVE LOVE the soundtrack! Very Coffee Prince-ish and Triple-ish. And I really enjoy the instrumental pieces that accompany many scenes in the drama! Really cute and light-hearted. I like!:)


I’M HOOKED! 🙂 Alright, I’ll go back to watching my Pasta. And I have a sudden urge to cook some pasta for lunch too! Tomato sauce with meatballs and mushrooms! Hmm.

And and I have to put this down! I LOVE THE OPENING TITLE OF THE DRAMA TOO! Just so cute! One of my favourite drama openings!

Now now now, I have two dramas on the list. What list, you may ask? Hmm, list of korean drama DVD sets to get. The first is IRIS and now, Pasta. I wonder if IRIS is out in DVD already since it’s been some time since it ended its run. But I haven’t stepped into a video shop for ages and I haven’t gone shopping (online shopping’s not counted) for ages. I haven’t got the time to go shopping. I think I’ll need to go down to the nearest mall soon (next week?). IRIS and PASTA:) Yay!

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