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147: Pasta – A Few of My Favourite Scenes

A kind soul posted up these youtube videos on a forum page. And they are totally my favourite scenes in the drama, Pasta (파스타).

The really cute elevator kiss scene

My favourite scene of all – the hospital scene

Super adorable! Love Choi Hyun Wook in this scene, so cute! I

My 2nd favourite scene – the confession in the kitchen scene

The kiss at the bus stop scene

I enjoy watching the main couple LSG-GHJ couple in Pasta. They are what keeps the drama going. I really love their chemistry in the drama! And especially when the two of them laugh, it really melts my heart. So sweet and so cute! Love it!

I’ve just completed Episode 16 and there’s 4 more episodes before the end of this drama. I’m really dying to know how the drama is going to end. And at the same time, I think I’m going to be really sad once I finish watching this drama. There wouldn’t be anything to look forward to on boring schooldays. Right now, I’m waiting for Episode 17 and it’ll only be broadcasted in Korea on Monday. Sigh, in the meantime, I’m going to complete the last 2 episodes of God of Study and two more episodes of Stars Falling From The Sky as reward after a day of studying and mugging.

Now, back to schoolwork!:)


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