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149: Japanese Eco Totes!

I own a really cheery green Rootote and it’s used exclusively for school! Roototes are japanese eco tote/shopping bags. I bought my first Rootote from the korean stationery store, ArtBox but the designs sold there are pretty limited. I love all the really cheery/ simple minimalistic designs of Rootote bags! There are so many pretty designs that I like on the official website but it’s unavailable in Singapore.

My current green Rootote has been with me for more than a year. I’ve been carrying it almost every day, rain or shine to school. And it’s still really durable! Do not underestimate the durability of a Rootote! I carry crazily heavy stuff in my bag every day. I’ve tried multiple really thick files, really thick textbooks, my ginormous pencil case, my heavy water bottle and many miscellaneous stuff and it’s still going strong! It’s still in one piece, as good as new! And no signs of wear and tear! And that is why I love my Rootote! And it became my school bag 🙂

But I was getting bored of the design. When I saw that gmarket was selling japanese eco bags at really really reasonable prices, I immediately wanted to get them!

I chose this Rootote! It’s a Medium tote and slightly wider than the one I’m having now. And most importantly, I love the design (the Eiffel Tower and all). I’ve been wanting to get this Rootote for ages! And it’s retailing at quite a low price, so I got to get it!

And I got another tote. It’s another japanese brand, known as POPPINS. The pig is so cute so I got to get it!:) Plus, it’s rather cheap.

Right now, I’m waiting for gmarket to acknowlege my payment and then for the seller to mail out my bags! So far, I’ve been really satisfied with the items I’ve bought from gmarket. I hope they will be as in the pictures and in good quality! Yay! I can’t wait to have new bags for school. Then, I will be able to rotate between the different bags for school! And they are also great to carry along the important stuff while out shopping nearby or marketing. Happy happy:)


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