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151: Salad with Japanese Sesame (Goma) Dressing

Mummy’s off to work at her part-time job (merely to pass time and catch up with friends). I’ve the whole house to myself since the parents are off to work and the sister is off to school. So I prepared my lunch for today before leaving the house later for lab. I realised that I’ve been seemingly “crazy” over sesame lately, with the black sesame cookies and now this! But it’s definitely not on purpose!

It’s just that I have decided to go green and prepared myself some salad for lunch today. The salad is merely a toss of different ingredients that are currently available in my refrigerator. Before I mention more about what goes into my salad, I have to mention about my lovely japanese sesame dressing! I was first introduced to this sesame dressing by my sister year(s) ago! And it’s a really nutty, savoury, sesame-y, Asian-kind of salad dressing. Sis uses the sesame dressing for her cold soba and she would toss her noodles in puddles of this dressing. This is the sesame dressing with roasted nuts (the green exterior). There is another similar dressing, without roasted nuts (the red exterior).

And this was my salad before I tossed everything in. In my “salad” bowl, there’s currently butterhead lettuce, broccoli (steamed), tomato and red potato (steamed). And there’s my toasted wheatgerm (as add-on for the salad), the japanese sesame dressing I was talking about and my daily green apple (for lunch).

This is after everything goes into the “salad” bowl. Butterhead lettuce, broccoli, tomato, red potato, toasted wholemeal bread chunks (as croutons), wheatgerm and 1 tbsp of japanese sesame dressing. LOOKS SUPER COLOURFUL AND AWFULLY PRETTY!:) I like! Looks good and tastes really good.

Alright, I got to start packing up for school, going to leave the house in an hour’s time. Things to look forward to after school include Episode 18 of Pasta, delivery confirmation of my two bags (Rootote and Poppins) from gmarket (hopefully) and also three lovely korean necklaces I bought online (hopefully) for my 3 BFFs (as gifts for them when I meet them in 2 weeks’ time). My body refuses to move/budge and I don’t feel like going to school. But still, stay strong, Rina:)


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