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155: Kabaya Sweet Potato Pretzel

I love sweet potatoes (known as 고구마 in Korean), especially the purple japanese one with yellow flesh within. Love it! Sweet potatoes are really nutritious (if you do go and research about them). I’ve been having steamed japanese sweet potatoes in my lunch bento for the past few weeks!

Came across this japanese snack by Kabaya. And I was attracted by the picture of piping hot sweet potatoes on the box of the snack itself. And so I knew I got to get this to try!

A box costs about SGD2.00 over at a supermarket. And there are two individually packs within, with many pretzel sticks (about 15 or more?) in each packet. The pretzel had the taste of sweet potatoes! The wonders of technology and the wonders of japanese food engineers! Quite addictive. But sadly, I don’t like the ingredients list. Snacks are snacks after all. Titbits are never good for you right?

Alright, back to my steamed sweet potato!


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