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157: Uncle Penyet

Uncle Penyet is this “new” (okay not exactly new, but perhaps few months old) stall over at the canteen in my faculty (science canteen). And I do know that it’s under the same owner as the really yummy and quite famous Indonesian Panggang stall over at the engineering canteen. My engineering friends have told me that the standard over there has dropped. In my whole three (coming to) years in uni, I can count the number of times I ate at the Indonesian Panggang stall or even at engineering canteen with my two palms. We don’t have all the time in the world to travel from one faculty to another faculty just for lunch and so most of the time, lunch for me will be at the science canteen or bento from home. And the reason why I am blogging about Uncle Penyet today is because in the time the stall opened for business over at the science canteen, I have not tried Uncle Penyet at all!

I am a pretty boring person. Usually, I will go for either yong tau foo, vegetarian food, noodle soup or bread/sandwich for lunch if I do dine in the science canteen. It’s just healthier in my opinion. Plus, the other stall often have snaking queue during lunch hours.

And since I ended lab early today (the lunch hour crowd wasn’t there yet) and I did not bring my lunch bento, I decided to eat in the science canteen. I had wanted to eat my boring yong tau foo initally. But under the pressure of my friend, I got pulled along to Uncle Penyet. Initially, Uncle Penyet was selling mostly those fried stuff (the ayam penyet, udang penyet etc) so I was surprised to learn that they included two new items in their menu.

Steamed chicken and lemon grass chicken.

Plus, the images on the signboard reminded me of the really delicious indonesian food over at engineering canteen. So I ordered the steamed chicken (SGD3) to try. It was so yummy!:)

And to my own surprise, I finished the entire plate, including all the rice! A ROUND OF APPLAUSE! I usually wouldn’t be able to finish the rice. But the curry that drenched the rice pile was so delicious and so appetizing that I was able to finish all my rice! The chicken was yummy and tender (except for the really thick chicken skin which I couldn’t stomach). The black sauce that came with the chicken was yummy too! It tasted like the indonesian chicken rice that I liked over at engine canteen! And yay, in the comforts of science canteen. I thought it was cute that they had a few leaves of lettuce, two slices of cucumbers and one cherry tomato to add some colour to the rice!

Lunch today made me a happy girl! I will definitely have my steamed chicken rice set again! Definitely a few more times before I graduate in 2 and a half semesters! Perhaps when the queue isn’t too long! Love the curry and the chicken!:)

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