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159: Ippudo Singapore

I finally got the opportunity to try the famed ramen over at Ippudo Singapore (Mandarin Gallery)! I’ve read stories of people having to queue just to try the famed ramen. I had a pleasant birthday surprise today, with the girls and the boys. I had no idea what was going on and what was in store for me! So I was terribly happy to be able to try Ippudo!

The interior is terribly small with very few seats but I love the interior decor! Very very luxurious feeling. Love the huge chandelier and the many bowls as a wallpiece.

The ramen choices there are pretty limited. But I like! I don’t like having to choose from a whole range of ramen, just like some pseudo-ramen restaurant chains. And since this was my first time there, I decided to go for the most most basic of them all.

The Shiromaru Classic with Egg

Original recipe tonkotsu soup served with thin noodles, Rosu chashu (Pork Loin), cabbage, kikurage & scallions. Served with flavoured soft-boiled egg.

I like the noodles, soft and chewy and Q! The pork loin was really really tender and non-fatty! The best part was the flavoured soft-boiled egg! It was a little odd shaped. But the yolk was so flowy and runny and the white of the egg was just so soft and chewy. I couldn’t resist the egg! The tonkotsu soup base was perfect, not too salty (the ramen soup base in Japan is pretty salty. I guess, they minimised the salt level to suit the palates of Singaporeans)! Pretty appetizing and just perfect for me!

I guess, as many have mentioned, the ramen over at Ippudo is definitely above average! A pretty decent bowl of ramen in Singapore. My friend mentioned that the ramen over at Marutama (The Central) was better. I haven’t tried many ramen yet though.

Honestly, the ramen is definitely pretty good. But for that price, I would rather not join the long queue just to have a bowl of that ramen. I would prefer having my soymilk porridge over at Ootoya. Cannot wait to have a meal over at Ootoya again!

Had a great day with the girls and the boys today! Although everyone seemed pretty tired (me included!), I want to thank my dearest friends (girls and boys) for taking the time today to spend my 22nd (so sad!) birthday with me! Thank you for the lovely surprises, the lovely meal, the lovely carrot cake (complete with cream cheese frosting and icing) they baked this morning and the lovely presents! I feel really really loved.:) I love you all.


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