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161: My 22nd Birthday!

It’s really weird to be wishing myself a happy birthday today! But anyway, it’s March the 17th! My supposedly favourite day of the year! Happy St Patrick’s Day! But it just feels just like another school day, which it is, in fact. But I’m terribly lucky that my lab has ended last week and I only need to make my way to school today to check the results to the practical test, which I’m really glad that I did well for!

Thanks for all the birthday well-wishes! 🙂 I’m not expecting too much from my uni friends either since we aren’t exactly really really close friends (more of on-the-surface kind of friendship).

It’s just another year, just another birthday. Birthdays aren’t that special days to me anymore. I am pretty immune to the fact it’s my birthday today. Nothing pretty exciting and happy to look forward to.

I proceeded to school as per normal, perhaps just 30 minutes later than my usual time. Met a fellow classmate on the bus to school and we chatted for a while. Upon reaching school, I alighted at the usual bus-stop and walked all the way to lab (when I could have taken the shuttle bus service and alighted 3 stops later). The relatively long walk and quiet me-time during the duration of my walk made me a happy girl!

Then I proceeded to the “dark” benches near the lockers. I was studying my Korean when the cleaner uncle and auntie came to share the benches with me. The auntie was talking at the top of her voice to the uncle. The uncle was so so cute! He was speaking to the auntie in Hokkien that I was studying and that she was disturbing my study. Haha I told them that it was okay with a smile! The uncle and auntie then proceeded to chat with me, asking me what I study and if I knew this professor or that professor. He was telling me that some professors are really nice etc. It was so interesting being able to chat with the uncle and auntie. This is my first time in 3 years in uni that I’ve ever talked to the cleaner uncle and auntie!  The uncle told me that he has been working for my department/faculty for 8 years! Really, they are really really nice people! Even though they are merely cleaners, but they have a reputable job. And I really appreciate them for that! And I’m really appreciative of what they have done for us! They make me think that life isn’t really bad at all, there are more things in life that should be treasured. Like kinship, like friendship. Sometimes, being ordinary isn’t that bad either. The chat with the uncle and auntie definitely made today, my birthday a day to remember too!

And then, the pretty good results for practical made my day too!

After the debrief, I was feeling so hungry! But I persisted! I wanted to go home to cook myself some pasta! So my BIRTHDAY LUNCH for today was BAKED BEANS WHOLEMEAL SPAGHETTI.

I love love love baked beans since I was really young. To me, baked beans mixed with rice is one of the best and most simple meals in the world! Some may complain that baked beans=canned food=unhealthy. It is. But I love my baked beans! I will still eat them but definitely not really often. I eat baked beans only once every few months! So I had baked beans with wholemeal spaghetti. And it is just such a PERFECT combination. Everything goes well with baked beans! Haha I am a terribly easy to satisfy! I am so contented that for my birthday lunch, I ate one of my favourite simple meals in the world – baked beans wholemeal spaghetti.

And for baked beans, I’ve always been eating Heinz baked beans since many many many years ago. But Mummy bought Ayam Brand baked beans this time round and the label claims that the baked beans are high-fibre and contains a natural prebiotic, oligosaccharide. I’m not too sure of the benefits of ingesting oligosaccharide but I do know that Ayam Brand baked beans are huge! The beans are definitely larger and firmer and more satisfying to chew on. The tomato paste/sauce that came with the baked beans was not as salty as that of Heinz. Hmm:) I will get this Ayam Brand baked beans from now on. And it has the Health Promotion Board (HPB) Healthier Choice label.

I wonder how will the rest of today be. After this post, I will take a nice bath and then go back to studying my Korean and PT for the upcoming tests on Friday! I’m not too sure if we’ll be going out for dinner later since Sis will not be back for dinner. Sigh 😦 All I want for my birthday is to spend the day with my loved ones, my family and Pumpkin.


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