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163: A Monday That Wasn’t Too Bad After All

As mentioned in the title, today’s Monday and it did not turn out as bad as I thought it would be. Lab was tiring and really smelly (cause we were dealing with urine samples and stuff etc) but I got through it pretty okay! Other than the hiccups dealing with the overheated broken beaker, the missing volumetric flasks and other equipments, we did surprisingly okay! Although my other two lab partners were pretty clueless as to the overall gist and doings of the practical (as always), but at the very least they were really cooperative :).

Bought a new pair of Koss earphones/earbuds/stereophones/headphones (however you wish to call them) today! I chose the cheapest of them all but the sound quality is still really quite good. Here’s to many pleasant bus rides to and from school! The cheap ones I got online (the brandless and only looks nice and pretty Made-in-China ones) are really terrible! The sound quality is just so terrible! For earphones, I have decided to go for decent and good “branded” (not those really high-class branded ones. I mean, Panasonic, Philips and Sony are really decent brands) ones! Cheap earphones are never good.

I passed by Four Leaves Bakery and saw the chocolate eclair (or chocolate puff pastry, as they named it) that I liked from previous time! It was retailing at SGD1.50 and I decided to get one! I had sudden eclair cravings! And as expected, the eclair was good! I like the pastry! It was just the perfect kind of eclair pastry! Slight crisp and never oily and dry at all! The chocolate on the pastry itself was thick and good! The chocolate cream within the pastry was good too! The chocolate eclair that I will never get tired of eating! 🙂 YUMMY. I’m going to get more chocolate eclairs the next time I pass by a Four Leaves Bakery.


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