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164: Lovely Trinkets

Something that made my day today! In addition to the fact that there wasn’t any school today (hurray!), I received the lovely necklace I purchased online by post today!

I really do not think the photo I took does justice to this necklace! But it’s so so pretty! The instance I saw it on the site, I (literally) fell in love with it. It has a lovely pressed flower pendant and comes on a vintage chain.

This is my third time purchasing a necklace from the same online site. The trinkets and lovely accessories the site sell are all so pretty. And they are really exclusive, no remakes and that means that no one in the entire world has the exact same necklace as you do. Haha 🙂 There are just so many pieces that I really love to have. But being just a student with limited finances, I cannot afford to indulge in too many. But when there are times when a lovely trinket do catch my eyes, and it’s practically screaming out to me, I really cannot resist.

Oh and I really think the seller is a really nice lady. And today, I received my necklace with a lovely complimentary hairpin! It’s really sweet to know that the seller even remembers that you have bought from her three times. And puts in all the effort into wrapping the entire package so nicely and securely and even in those bubble-lined envelopes! Really sweet! And I really appreciate all her effort in doing so! 🙂 I will DEFINITELY continue purchasing from her! 🙂

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