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167: Baked Love

My poor baby convection oven toaster worked mighty hard today. For lunch today, I had olive oil baked red potatoes with panfried egg tofu, together with a serving of raw lettuce and red capsicum tossed with japanese sesame salad dressing. The photos I took made my entire lunch look totally unappetizing! But what was most important was that I enjoyed my lunch! I really love baked potatoes! The crisp potato skin with piping hot potato goodness! The panfried egg tofu was the usual, good. But I think I’m getting sick eating egg tofu. Mummy made me finish the tube of egg tofu that was lying in the fridge. And the salad toss was good! I have found a new love with raw capsicum!

And yes, poor baby convection oven toaster worked hard today. Just because I didn’t want to bother mama microwave/convection oven. I just baked my sweet potato for my brunch/lunch bento tomorrow! And yes, baked sweet potatoes just smell so much better than steamed ones! And I was so fascinated that my baked sweet potato smelt exactly like the Kabaya Sweet Potato pretzel I bought the last time! Alright, it should be that the pretzels smelt like the real deal. I think I would love my sweet potatoes baked! But it’s time consuming and electricity consuming, my sweet potato took about 35-40 minutes to be fully baked/cooked/ready while steaming the sweet potato will take just a mere 15-20 minutes.

Anyway, tomorrow’s brunch/lunch bento is really simple again. An all vegetables meal! Baked sweet potato (love the crisp skin after baking), steamed pumpkin slices, raw and steamed celery sticks and half a baked Portobello mushroom with cheese! YUMMY:) I can’t wait.

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