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168: I love all things vintage!

I’m starting to love all things vintage. Vintage stuff (dresses, jewellery, bags, furniture), they seem to tell tales. They speak of life of many many years ago. And yet, these items still have a story to tell. I can’t resist vintage jewellery and accessories! My accessories box is slowly filling up, with vintage or inspired accessories.

I love browsing through Etsy, viewing and browsing through the many lovely GORGEOUS vintage handmade jewellery! Gorgeous as they may be, they come with a high price. For now, I will just window shop! And yes, Etsy has many many GORGEOUS vintage dresses and blouses too! I was window shopping at Etsy and discovered some really lovely dresses I would love to have. These are but a few. But because I had limited time and there were just too many to explore and window shop around, I found a few pretty my-kind-of dresses.

First up, I love this! Classic, prim and proper, and really feminine.

Then, there’s the lovely floral prints that I adore! The prints are just so sweet and feminine! Together with a vintage belt, this simple floral dress can look amazing!

I love this dress in mustard yellow! Love the prints! With a vintage belt, another awesomely gorgeous piece.

Then, there’s this dress that reminds me of traditional Dutch costume. Love the shades of blue and the lace and everything. So sweet and feminine as well.

Then, there’s the red/brown checkered dress I like with super adorable lace peter-pan collar. Such an adorable dress:)

The lovely white blouse with lovely colourful floral embroidery.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
silver white winters that melt into springs,
these are a few of my favorite things

– My Favourite Things (from Sound of Music OST)

Just reminds me of one of my favourite songs from Sound of Music! These are a few of my favourite dresses from Etsy while I was browsing through this evening! And I’m pretty sure that there are so many many more treasures to be discovered. When I’m free, I like browsing through and searching for lovely vintage pieces.

It’s a pity that over in Singapore, there aren’t many vintage stores selling such vintage pieces. And if they do, they are retailing for hundreds of (Singapore) dollars. And I’m getting really sick of browsing through online blogshops and seeing those same few items being sold. And yes, spotting many young ladies/girls on the streets doning the same outfits, following the same fashion trends.

And I’m really happy! I recently became the proud owner of a vintage brown belt. It’s Mummy’s. And it’s old and pretty. Plus, I took over one of Mummy’s rather ‘old’ black work dress. And I tried it on with the vintage brown belt and it looks absolutely classy and chic. It’s screaming ‘vintage’ and ‘classic’! I’m so going to wear it during my internship this summer holidays! Oh yes, and hopefully, I’ll be able to dig out more of my Mummy’s other vintage clothing and accessories!

Well, after the exams, I want to get down to doing some physical shopping and hopefully, I’ll get to chance upon a few vintage dresses! 🙂 Love love love.


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