really random posts about food, eating well and healthy, my life, chocolates and dramas!

170: Lunch!

What a terribly boring title to start this post! But never mind! Tomorrow’s the start of a really horrendous week! But I’m doing okay so far. Watching korean dramas at night (after I’m done with the scheduled work of the day) makes me happy and puts my nerves at ease.

Some lunch pictures to share. I have a schedule to follow, hence I had to settle for a quick and easy lunch.

Here’s yesterday’s lunch. Very simple! Just some boiled pumpkins, raw celery, toasted Portobello mushrooms, cheese bits and toasted wholemeal and wheatgerm bread (cut into mini pieces). Tossed with the japanese sesame dressing and plenty of toasted wheatgerm and white sesame seeds.

And today’s lunch. I had to settle for something easy and instant noodles came to my mind. And I was craving for some ramyeon. So here’s korean ramyeon with chye sim and roasted duck (some leftovers from dinner).

Now, it’s back to studying. And then an episode of my korean drama after all the studying! Aja aja:)


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