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174: Stormy Presence

The calm before the storm.

The family’s out. The parents are together with the grandparents, the aunts, the uncles and the cousins over at Vivocity for the weekly family gathering/feasting/shopping. The sister is out with her friends for dinner ONLY BECAUSE she ends her exams today. And I’m at home BECAUSE my exams are in 8 days’ time. And I need to study!

I’m feeling “edematous”. AH! The stress and all, plus the junk food ingested during this period of studying! Anyway, I’ll just post some images of the junk food for today. I’m going to stop ingesting these junk and back to the normal healthy eating!!!

This was the shitake mushroom and celery egg omelette I panfried just now. It’s actually my dinner. And I used 2 mini eggs for the omelete. The eggs are so tiny cause they are the first-born eggs of the chicken. It was good:)

And now, the new snack! Jules Destrooper’s Butter Crisps! Sis was having a craving for waffles and instructed me to get a box of waffles for her with her really vague description of the packaging. I couldn’t find the waffles she wanted so I got these! And OH MY! These butter crisps waffles are TO DIE FOR! They look so ordinary, so uninteresting. I’ve seen them many times on the shelves but their ordinary appearance is the reason why there wasn’t a reason for me to get them. And I tried Sis’ butter crisps waffles and they are terribly YUMMY! I love the faint butter taste of the waffles. Sis commented that these were far better than those she had originally wanted me to buy (and of course, these were more costly, S$4.95 per box).

And yes, I bought these too! Childhood favourites! I love Glico Collon. Love the cream and the strawberry ones!:)

And I cannot believe this! I met a friend at a nearby mall to get another friend a watch for her birthday (which we are celebrating for her tomorrow). And I bought a watch too! I bought a black Fossil watch 🙂 Haha it sounds terribly crazy! I know, I know. But the watch is really pretty. I love the mother of pearl dial. And the rim of crystals that lines the watch face. It looks really classy:) We bought the white version for our friend. I hope she likes it too:) We bought the Fossil watches at $35 lower than the typical retail price! The auntie who served us was terribly nice and chatty!


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