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175: Swiss Culture (Suntec City)

Met up with the girls and the boys yesterday at Swiss Culture at Suntec City for a mini birthday celebration for J. I had a really really good time yesterday, catching up and engaging in our usual teases and gossips. It was fun! Earlier on, we went to E’s house to bake J a cheesecake and we decorated it with lots of Korean strawberries and oreo crumbs and it looked AWESOMELY professional looking (just like Bakerzin’s)! And it tasted super lovely too!!! But I realised that I did not capture pictures of it using my cell camera and so I’ll have to wait for the “official” photographers to upload the pictures on facebook or something!

The service at Swiss Culture was really good. We had instructed the staff to refrigerate the cake earlier. And they had put in a lot of effort in assembling the cake and placing it on a nice yellow plate! And they played the Happy Birthday song over their speakers for us too! Plus, service with a smile! In the end, we shared a portion of the cake with the staff and they liked it a lot too.

Anyway, we ordered the famous cheese fondue to share. My first time trying the cheese fondue and it was good, thick and viscous! Swiss cheese, yums! And I can smell and taste the wine in it! Yums:)

This was the Swiss Culture chicken wings! There were adequately good:) Alright, not spectacular! But still, yummy!:)

This was my main. The Veal Mushroom sausage with rosti and salad side. I thought the rosti was done quite perfectly, much better than the one I ate at Marche the last time. The sausage was good too. Good old comfort food! Loved it:)

They are famous for their Swiss Pork Sausage and the Swiss Zurich-Style chicken. A couple of my friends ordered the Swiss Pork Sausage and the Swiss Zurich-style chicken! I shared my Veal Mushroom Sausage with J and I tried her Swiss Pork Sausage. Both were equally yummy!

This was the Zurich-style chicken. I’m glad I did not order this! The chicken came with a really creamy sauce. And I’m pretty sure that halfway through the meal, I will get sick of the rich creamy sauce. But my friends who ordered this thought it was nice. Well, to each his own?

IN SUMMARY: Good food. Good company. Good service. 🙂 I’m a happy girl.


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