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176: Pizza (The Instant Frozen Way)

I realised that I’m posting more FOOD photos especially during examination times or when I get really stressed in school! So with the exams in one week’s time, it’s not a surprise that this post is going to be another food related one. And that also, I posted another food related post this morning on the dinner gathering I had last evening!

Anyway, this is going to be another lazy fast instant lunch post! Usually, my lazy fast instant lunch posts are often really simple (mostly) healthy dishes that can be cooked in at most, half an hour. And today, as much as I wish to advocate for healthy eating, I’m going instant alright?

The parents popped by Jusco in JB yesterday and they came home with bags and bags of groceries. This was one of the item they bought. The JUSCO Selection Premium Pizza – Garlic Mushroom. It’s one HUGE instant pizza. I shared the pizza with Sis and Mummy.

The frozen pizza, that requires no defrosting.

Just toss the frozen pizza in a preheated 220 degree Celsius oven! After a whole 10 minutes, they will be ready for consumption. And I’m pretty impressed by this instant frozen pizza! The crust is crispy (yes!) but the pizza dough/bread still remains soft (yes!). The toppings are pretty generous. Love the garlic and mushroom combination!

And yes, after the exams, I am going to attempt these 15 minutes cheater’s pizzas by Nook Cook! They look so delectable! And how innovative! The use of pita bread as the pizza dough! I’m going to try those with paper thin pita breads! I love thin crust pizzas! So the paper thin ones will be great! Since after the exams, we (me and my girls) are planning a mini potluck to celebrate another friend’s birthday. I’m thinking these pita bread pizzas will be terrific! The seafood (shrimps + sotong), hawaiian (ham + pineapples) and mushrooms + olives look terribly delicious! And I would love to attempt some kimbap too! 🙂 Haha. Terrific.


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