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177: I need my ICE-CREAM fix!

I have been craving for some ice-cream since yesterday. But the weather was so terribly warm in the early afternoon and that kind of deterred me from leaving home just to get some ice cream. So throughout the afternoon, I was planning to quickly finish off what I’ve scheduled to study for the afternoon before dropping by the Cold Storage near my place at around 6pm to get my ice-cream. But the weather turned really nasty in the late afternoon/evening and there was a crazy crazy thunderstorm. And so I refuse to leave home once again because I didn’t want to get drenched in the rain.

But I’m still craving for some ice-cream. I want TILLAMOOK VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM. I saw a few of these at the Cold Storage near my place just a few weeks ago! And they came in a really huge carton (so much larger than the normal pint) and so much cheaper than a normal pint of Haagen Daaz or Ben & Jerry’s. And they go REALLY well with desserts (think, warm lava chocolate cake or brownie)! If I get the ice-cream, it may serve as a motivation for me to bake some soon! You know, I was planning on buying the ice-cream the last time I saw it but decided not to in the end. Why didn’t I? And now, I really want to drop by Cold Storage to get them maybe later at 11am-12noon. But I’ve a huge feeling that they may not be in stock. 😦 I want some vanilla bean ice cream.

Please be in stock, my dear Tillamook Vanilla Bean ice cream. And please, may the weather be good.


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