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178: To Market, To Market, To Buy Some Ice-Cream!

I am really sad! Dropped by Cold Storage to get my Tillamook but it was OUT OF STOCK. In fact, I kind of expected that it would be out of stock. I’m living in quite a well-off estate (I mean the people living around me are pretty well-off, me excluded) and the residents are those we are willing to pay anything for good quality stuff (ice-cream?). With sis tagging along, when I was about to remove one of those Anderson’s Vanilla Beans ice-cream pints off the shelf, I had to endure with her constant nags that “that’s too expensive”. How ironic! She will be willing to pay $12 to buy her pint of Ben & Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide. But she refused to allow me to buy my $12 a pint Anderson’s Vanilla Beans ice cream. Someday, I will be the proud owner of an ice-cream maker/machine and I will churn out my very own vanilla beans ice cream. Well, so in the end, I had to settle for those local ice-creams, that were retailing at $6 for a 1.5L tub. I chose Meadow Gold’s Cookies & Cream ice cream.

And I got a rude shock just now! Found the waffles that Sis was talking about (before I bought the Jules Destrooper ones). It turned out to be Julie’s Butter Waffles. I’m so going to faint! So the waffles she has been looking for are the Julie’s one! I’m not looking down on Julie’s, a Malaysian based biscuits manufacturer. But it’s just that all along she gave me the impression that the waffles that she has been looking for are those high-class manufactured in the EU ones.

But anyway, back to the rude shock! I bought a box of Julie’s Butter Waffles to try. The shape of the waffles are practically identical to those Jules Destrooper ones. But they look so different! The Julie’s ones were pale yellow while the Jules Destrooper’s ones were nicely browned. And they taste SO DIFFERENT! I love the faint buttery and caramelised taste of the Jules Destrooper’s ones. So I was expecting the Julie’s to taste somewhat similar. But they were just so different. Julie’s Butter Waffles taste more like eggy flour to me. No buttery taste. Just sweetened eggy flour! Still, they are edible. But once you’ve tried the Jules Destrooper’s ones, you’ve set those at your benchmark cause they are really just too yummy. But the Jules Destrooper Butter Crisp Waffles ($4.95-$5.10) are approximately TWICE the price of those Julie’s Butter Waffles ($2.90). But I’m really happy to pay the extra for some good tasting butter waffles!:)

Oh, dropped by 7 Eleven and saw that DayPlus breads were on offer at $1 per bread (they were retailing for around $1.50 at 7 Eleven and $1 in school). I love these breads! I’m always buying them when I drop by the snacks store in my school’s canteen. I love the bread! Love its fluffy and soft texture!

Saw that there were two new flavours! The two new flavours are White Bean Paste with Chestnut and Peanut Bits!

I bought the White Bean Paste with Chestnut one! I love chestnuts:)

And I bought the Maple one. I’ve tried all the other flavours (Melon – my favourite, Caramel – quite nice, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Hokkaido Cream, Red Bean and Chocolate) except for Maple and Cheese.

I’m hoping they will taste yummy too.:)


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