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180: My Exam Food Stash!

Exam food = Junk food.

I’ve three tupperware-filled junk/exam food just by my study desk.

First up, here’s Arnott’s Lemon Crisps. I used to love Khong Guan’s Lemon Biscuits. Arnott’s Lemon Crisps are rather similar to Khong Guan’s Lemon Biscuits but they are definitely tastier. It’s no surprise that these made-in-Australia biscuits (versus those made-in-Singapore or made-in-Malaysia ones) come at a higher cost, maybe twice the price of the Khong Guan ones.

And after my rather bad experience with Julie’s Butter Waffles, I’m back with my new box of Jules Destrooper’s Butter Crisps waffles. And I just wanna say “I’m glad you’re back in my life.” 🙂

And yes, Mr Ito’s Langully Vanila Cream Sandwich Langue de Chat cookies. Courtesy of the little sister. So sweet of her:) They don’t come cheap but I like Langue de Chat cookies. I cannot remember the brand name of the other Langue de Chat cookies that I prefer. That Langue de Chat cookies were yummier than this Mr Ito’s Langully. But still, Mr Ito’s Langully cookies are delicious. But Shiroi Koibito Langue de Chat cookies win them all, hands down. If only they can be bought easily in Singapore 😦

And in a secret corner of the kitchen, I discovered two big bags of kiwifruits. My parents must have stocked up on kiwifruits on their recent marketing trip. I guess, it must be the season of kiwifruits! And I love kiwifruits! Just had one after lunch today.

I know I sound ironic. The tupperware of junk food = sugar, sugar and sugar. But here I am, trying to satisfy my sugar cravings by having fruits instead. I had a Packham pear in the late morning, a kiwifruit after lunch. And I’m thinking of a Granny Smith green apple in the afternoon. Even with the junk food right in front of me, I’m trying to stop myself from ingesting them. They are what I’ll call, emergency stand-by food.

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