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181: Vegetarian Stir-fried Udon (Yasai Yaki Udon)

I’m really really proud of my first attempt. My first attempting at cooking vegetarian stir-fried udon (yasai yaki udon). I usually eat really easy to cook meals –  noodles soup, macaroni soup, udon soup, fried rice, steamed sweet potato, salad, sandwiches etc. And today I decided to cook us some vegetarian stir-fried udon!

My stir-fried udon comes with carrot strips, fresh shitake mushrooms and sio pek chye (xiao bai cai).

I followed the recipe from this site, Food-4Tots. I really like this site! The instructions/recipe are really easy to follow! And I’m so glad that the udon I stir-fried today was really good! Not bad for a first attempt!


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