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182: Disappointment

What is wrong with people these days? And seriously, what is wrong with Men these days? How can they just change just like that?

And I’m talking about a recent shocking revelation that stunned us all. My aunt (my dad’s sister) is asking for a divorce with her husband cause he was cheating behind her back. My very first thoughts were, “what about the kids?” My cousins are only 8 and 11 years old respectively and they are both still so young. Plus they are both really adorable kids! I cannot help thinking that they will soon be part of a broken family. Please, no, please spare the kids of these torture.

What is wrong with Men these days? This is not the first incident of adultery in my family. Over at my maternal side, my uncle (my mum’s brother) divorced his wife of 10 years a few years ago. And he recently remarried (the third party in their relationship is currently my new aunt)

All along, I’ve always thought that my aunt (my dad’s sister) and her husband are quite the perfect couple. Her husband (my uncle) comes from a really wealthy family and they have been living rather harmoniously for many years. There is a saying that, once a Man is rich and powerful, he will go around committing such acts of adultery. Just as in the local entertainment scene with the recent revelation about Jack Neo and his acts of adultery, it seems like my aunt is going through the exact situation. It seems like the plot of the dramas I’ve been watching. Oh and before I forget, while I was intern-ing last year, I do know of a particular colleague  A who had an affair with another colleague B. A soon divorced his wife (who was pregnant at that time) to be with B, but B was apparently tired of A and was preparing to move on to another target (B is a serial ‘playgirl’). As a respected professional, I would expect these people to have certain moral principles as well.

How can someone change so much? A marriage is not just a piece of paper (the marriage certificate), the vows (the solemnisation) or the elaborate ceremonies. It’s much more. When you sign yourself up for marriage, it’s commitment for life. It’s the promise that the two parties will spend their lives together. And if you’re not prepared to commit yourself to one another for life, why marry? You might jolly well, spend your life, with different partners as you wish.

And the kids. The children are often the victims of a divorce! For my mum’s brother, the couple had no kids so they did not have to worry about this aspect at all. It’s often the women who would have to bear all the hurt and pain in such an event. It will be really magnanimous if a woman is willing to forgive her husband for his misdeeds (should he be willing to repent too) for the sake of the kids. I feel that it is really unjust that the women will have to cave in in such a situation and that the cheating husband deserves his greatest punishment ever (and not be able to return to his happy family after all the ruckus he has created). But for the sake of the children, the best decision would be for the couple to forget everything and start everything over again and live for the kids.

Mum just informed me that the cheating husband of my aunt (dad’s sister) did not return home last night after all the ruckus created. The very culprit’s family is also unable to locate him at all. So currently, nobody is able to locate his presence.

I’m praying that my aunt’s husband will return back to his family after all the ‘fun’ he has enjoyed. I don’t wish to see another broken family again. And for my cousins to grow up in a broken family.

And I hope this will not make me lose confidence in marriage itself. 😦 I’m really disappointed because they are adults and they should have the maturity to distinguish what is morally right.


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