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183: Why I Love My Bus Rides >> MRT Rides?

I know this is really old news. They (Ministry of Transport) are looking into cross-country bus services. And looking forward to improving the current transport system in a hub and spoke system, where long bus routes are split, and feeder bus services connect them to MRT stations. Many have spoken up, written and voiced their opinions on this issue when the news broke up early this month. And I was just thinking about my long bus rides to school, to work (in the past) and to town. And why exactly do I prefer bus rides, when I have a choice of taking the MRT to these places.

I love watching the world pass me by. Often, when I board a bus, with my earpiece and mp3 in place, I settle in a cosy corner in the bus, staring out of the huge glass window panels and watch the world pass me by. And this is my form of “emo” (in my informal conversational terms with a friend of mine). A time for me to have my me-time. I love just listening to music from my mp3 and watching the many people on the streets, scuttering around to get to places. I love watching and gushing over the occasional cute and really adorable pet dogs/cats with their owners on the streets.

And I love it when it starts pouring really heavily outside and I love listening to the patter of the rain against the glass panels. I love waiting for the bus at the bus stop when it starts pouring really heavily (never mind that I’ll be all moist and wet while waiting), hearing the patter of the rain against the metal shelters of the bus stops and feeling the cool breeze kiss my moist wet skin.

And I love it when it’s late at night and I’m on my bus journey home. The night scene, equally breathtaking. The many lights in the distance against the dark night sky. There will be less people or cats or dogs or pets on the streets for me to watch as the bus pass by. But I love watching the serenity of the nightscene as the bus passes by the many places. And the best part, walking along the streets home from the bus stop, enjoying the cool night breeze, my path illuminated only by the many streetlamps that line the vacant streets and the headlamps of the few cars that traverse down the lonely road.

And I love bus rides when the bus is empty or partially empty, and I have the entire seat to myself. Something I do not like about MRT rides is the crowd. The buses are crowded at times too. But somehow, I am always stuck in situations on the MRT when I am packed tight, skin-to-skin with the person next to me. And I get really awkward because I don’t know where to look. When there’s a chance, and I’m lost in the midst of a packed train, staring at the ground/the floor seems like the only non-awkward solution. Whereas on a crowded bus ride home, no matter how squashed I am, I can always stare out of the wide glass window panels.

Yups:) Reasons why I love my bus rides. Please don’t scrap my long bus rides, oh please.


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