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189: I Love You!

As of 1901 hours this evening, I ended yet another year in uni with the last of my exams this semester. My third, that will be. And it scares me to know that time passes so very quickly! It feels like only yesterday when I was just a immature kid entering university. Well, but that was three years ago! Oh well, oh wells (:

I love my life, my family, my all. And these are just a few of my favourite things!

First up, the cutest joy in my life! My cutest hamster, Pumpkin! Sis calls him “xiao long bao”, and which I REFUSE to acknowledge. I call him Pumpkin and considered adding on Tofu for the extra cuteness, so that will be Pumpkin Tofu. Hmmm.  He brings simple joy to my really dry and mundane life. Here’s my funny little rascal, lying on his back with his four limbs in the air, NOT sleeping (well, attempting to, apparently) but he’s apparently sipping water from the water bottle. How lazy can my Pumpkin be! (: I love how his four furry limbs stick out and his fat furry bum that wobbles. Ultra cuteness (:

I recently got hooked on stamping. I FINALLY bought a proper stamp pad (Artline) and tried the mini-stamps I have at home! The stamp pad that came with the stamps was plain lousy! I gave up stamping after a while because the stamps didn’t turn out pretty. So I’m glad I decided to go back to these stamps of mine! I bought these cute made-in-Japan stamps from Kinokuniya years ago. They are quite cute! And I’m expecting a parcel in my mail (it’s supposed to arrive today but.. ):) and it contains a made-in-Korea stamp set (pretty Ballerina design) that I purchased online together with some lovely made-in-Korea stationery. I can’t wait to try those stamps out! The examples of how the Koreans use the stamps are amazing! I love how they use the stamps to decorate coasters, gifts, ribbons and even boxes. I’m going to attempt some of these. And of course, improve on my stamping skills!

And yes, how could I not forget food! I tried Jean-Georges Vongerichten (who’s supposed to be the creator of molten chocolate cake)’s Molten Chocolate Cake recipe! And it didn’t turn out as expected. I followed all instructions faithfully but the interior wasn’t molten enough. I guess, for my oven, 12 minutes is a tad too long. The top of the mini-cake was also cracked (although I like the cracks and lines!). Nevertheless, a good rather-flourless chocolate cake, molten or not. Good perk-me-up for the day.

And much apologies for the SUPER FUZZY pictures! Here’s 1/4 of Pandan Coconut waffles the parents picked up at a local bakery last Saturday! I stole a few bites (which explains the many teeth bites) before I remembered to capture the lovely green hues of the waffle! I love pandan coconut waffles. This waffle was quite lovely, really thick (the waffles at many bakeries I visit these days are pretty thin) and fragrant! Me like (:

Alright, that’s all for the first post-exam post! I’m expecting myself to blog more soon! Because today marks the start of 3 AND A HALF MONTHS of summer holidays!!! So many things I want to do, so many things I want to bake/cook, so many dramas I want to watch, so many things I want to buy… For starters, I’ve a briefing in school tomorrow and I’ll be lunching with my uni friends after that. It’s been a while since we’ve met up to do non-school related stuff (like eat?!).

And I really really want to SHOP. My hands are itching! I want to do some physical shopping but I’m afraid that I’ll go crazy. It’s been a while since I’ve been out so I’m really afraid I will not be able to resist any temptations. Recently, I’ve been exercising my wrist and fingers and engaging in online shopping only! Really bad ): I need to earn some money and maybe find a part-time job! It does not help that my internship only starts in mid June (and it doesn’t earn me much, barely enough to cover my transport expenses to and from home, imagine how much that will be!). And that means that I’ve only about 6 weeks before internship to work for the extra money. I’ll try finding a job but it’s quite hard to find a good one since very few employers will employ temporary staff for just 6 weeks.

Tata for now (: I’m in a good mood.


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