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192: Beautiful Saturday Morning

0730h – Woke up and took a peek at Pumpkin’s cage.

0731h – The little rascal was awake and in his usual self again. I heaved a sigh of relief. (:

For the whole of yesterday and the day before, this little guy was a little different from normal. He was looking really listless the whole of yesterday. It must be the horrible weather. It’s terribly terribly hot! So I brought him into my room for the whole of yesterday (he’s usually in the sheltered balcony) and turned on the air-conditioner last night while sleeping so he could enjoy it too. I was really worried because he looked really tired when I came home last night. He did not seem to have any energy to play with me last night and was just lying (preparing to fall asleep) on his exercise wheel again. No matter how I tried to persuade/coerce him to play with him, he lay on the wheel staring at me, not moving an inch. Usually when I open the cage door, the curious Pumpkin would try to sneak out. But last night, he was just staring up at me, looking really tired.

So I was really glad that he’s back to his normal self again.Eating, running about the cage and he attempted to sneak out when I opened his cage door this morning. I brought him out of his cage and he’s running everywhere again. He loves my sleepwear, he’s always trying to bury himself in it. Definitely a good sign (:

And I had a lovely breakfast today. I bought my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE MILK PAN (MILK BREAD) from PROVENCE BAKERY at ION Orchard yesterday! It’s been a long time since I’ve ate my milk pan because I haven’t found the time the past many months and weeks to drop by Holland V or Ion Orchard to get my breads. Since I was at Ion doing some shopping yesterday, I decided to drop by Provence to get my milk pan and wassants. The milk pan is ever so popular, the tray was empty but I found some on another shelf, freshly baked. I could see the bakers baking more milk pans through the see-through glass panels. The last few times I had milk pan, I bought them at Provence at Holland Village. I was disappointed then because I felt the standards of the milk pan have dropped. But the milk pan I had this morning (bought from Ion Orchard) was really good and was of the very standard I tried the first time! It was super heavenly! The bread was ever so soft and the milk custard within was really milky and fragrant! The wassants I bought and I ate one right after I bought was surprisingly better than the ones I bought the last time at Holland V. Strange huh? But my friend M was telling me that she felt that the breads at Provence Ion were better than those at Holland V. Why is this so? Hmm, nevertheless, I LOVE PROVENCE MILK PAN! I wish I could have it just everyday. But they are ever so popular, there were countless of times when I dropped by Provence to find the milk pans unavailable at the moment. So I count myself lucky that I got one yesterday! YUMMMM:)


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