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193: Andrea Bocelli in Singapore

I had quite a great time yesterday at the Botanic Gardens for the YTL Concert of Celebration 2010 – Andrea Bocelli in Singapore concert. Initially I thought it was a pity that we were not seated at the Lawn (where the live transmission was and where are the really very important guest were, like President SR Nathan, Minister Mah Bow Tan and many other noblemen). But I had great fun over at the Palm Valley too. It was a picnic-style viewing of the live performance through the LED screens. The goodie bags provided were pretty good and comprehensive, they even came with KFC dinner (which I didn’t quite fancy, having not eaten KFC for many many years) and ice-cream. Pretty good, it even came with a DVD of the Three Tenors performance in Bath in 2003. Cool (:

It was great fun, lying on the grass/picnic mat, just below the beautiful nightsky. The crowd was massive, really massive. Honestly, I didn’t expect such a large turnout. But it was great fun, really. Even though it wasn’t live, the crowd was really good, cheering and clapping at the appropriate intervals. This is kind of my first outdoor concert and it was quite a good experience. Did I mention that YTL (the organising company/conglomerate) is really generous? Right after the performance, the sky was illuminated with a few minutes of fireworks! I was glad I was “that” close to the fireworks, my ever first time being so close to the fireworks (with the exception of the NDP Preview I went to when I was in Primary 5). But being that close to the fireworks, we weren’t able to see much. All we could hear were the resounding sounds of the fireworks in the sky and remnants of the fireworks in the sky. It didn’t help that the many huge trees were obstructing our very view. It was really great fun though!

Now, on to the performance proper, I had great fun. I could never imagine that I would be able to watch a “live” performance of Andrea Bocelli in concert. If Andrea Bocelli was to have a concert in Singapore, I doubt I would be able to attend it cause’ the ticketing prices are bound to be really costly. So this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.

I have to admit that there were quite a few songs which I felt weren’t as nice, the contents were just a little too heavy for me to handle. For example, the opera pieces by Puccini. The two pieces which I liked from the main programme were “La Donna e mobile” by Verdi and “Canto della terra” by Sartori. The other performers were fantastic too!

I like the conductor, Eugene Kohn! I like the way he conducts the orchestra (a field of stoic performers)! He seems to be having a lot of fun conducting the performance, smiling, singing, gesturing away. The sis said she liked his style of conducting too, a little dramatic but fun to watch.

I like the flutist, Andrea Griminelli. “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone, “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Kosakov and “Czardas” by Monti were three of my favourite pieces only because I know these pieces and have attempted (a really weak attempt) of Flight of the Bumblebee on the piano. Delta Goodrem came too (my sis came only because she was coming). I’m really impressed by the quality of her voice! I knew she could sing because she was one of my favourite contemporary pop artists back in secondary school. But she impressed me further with all her duets with Andrea Bocelli, especially “Canto alla terra” and “The Prayer”. And she’s really really gorgeous!

For the encore, I love all the songs sung only because they were definitely “lighter”! Andrea Bocelli sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “The Prayer” and “Time to Say Goodbye” with Delta Goodrem and Sabina Cvilak. I love love love “The Prayer”. The live performance was really magical! “The Prayer” was one of my favourite pieces off my Josh Groban’s debut album (the duet with Charlotte Church). And I love  the Josh Groban – Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli – Celine Dion and (NOW!) Andrea Bocelli – Delta Goodrem versions! In my opinion, I thought the last few performances were the best! I think the crowd (over at the Palm Valley) must have felt that way too cause’ the encore songs were receiving the most cheers and applause of them all.

An enchanting night of music (: The “rather informal” picnic style gathering over at Palm Valley made the entire experience quite a lovely one. And I was joking to my parents that if YTL was to invite Josh Groban over for their next performance, I WILL BE THERE! I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Josh Groban. The uncle got extra tickets for the performance too and if (I’m probably hallucinating or dreaming) Josh is to come  next year, I could invite some of my really good friends who like Josh to the concert too. I think it’ll be perfect! (:

Alright, it’s Mother’s Day today! Over-commercialised but still, Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy! Everyday is Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day. I don’t think there is any difference. But it’s my littlest cousin’s 2 years old birthday today! We’re going to her place in the evening for a mini celebration. I think that little girl will be really happy and excited. She likes celebrating birthdays and singing the birthday song and (yes) meddling with the birthday cake. She’s a joy in our family, really adorable! And that is when you get on her good side. For most of the time (70%), she’s probably on her bad side, crying and throwing tantrums (she has quite a temper since young, when she was barely a few months old). But still, really cute! I love spending time with the family. Yays(:


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