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198: 4 Girls, 60 Meatballs (IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs)

4 girls, 60 meatballs

Met up with the lovely girlfriends yesterday at IKEA for swedish meatballs. The original plan was to buy a present for a guy friend and we succeeded and kept within the budget (exactly $60, amazing stuff). Proceeded to IKEA for swedish meatballs after that.

I was originally planning to eat just the 10 meatballs set (SGD6, Tuesday Promotion) but the two crazy girlfriends were brainwashing me to go for 15. And so, we went for 15 meatballs each, extra cream sauce and extra jam.

Crazy and amazing stuff. We were joking that the servers would be wondering if these girls are monsters if we told them that we wanted 60 meatballs, extra sauce and extra jam. But well, we didn’t. We specified 4 servings of 15 meatballs. I think it will sound a bit better. But it’s still 60 meatballs. Haha whatever:)

Swedish meatballs are yummy stuff but having to stomach 15 meatballs all at one go can be quite challenging. In the end, we got sick of the meatballs and the cream sauce. And would rather eat the potatoes. But still, one shouldn’t waste food. So we finished all our 60 meatballs and the potatoes! Amazing, aren’t we? Me thinks we are 4 mighty scary girls. But I’m going to abstain from swedish meatballs (or meatballs of all kinds) for at least 1 month.

And Mummy says “not to play with your food”. But we did anyway. Alright, I did this mess. Naughty me 😦


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