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200: Two of My Favourite Japanese Composers – Hisaishi and Sakamoto!

I’m going to dedicate the 200th post of my humble blog to share two of my favourite japanese composers! Joe Hisaishi and Ryuichi Sakamoto!


Friends and family who know me knows that I am an ABSOLUTE FAN of Hayao Miyazaki’s films and Joe Hisaishi’s music! Joe Hisaishi just composes the most beautiful scores for Miyazaki’s films. A few of my absolute favourite scores include Princess Mononoke’s, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Totoro’s scores! Joe Hisaishi’s music is just BEAUTIFUL. No better and simpler word to describe his music, simply BEAUTIFUL.

Here’s some really old videos of his live performance! My dream will be to catch Joe Hisaishi in concert! But he seldom holds concerts beyond Japan and within Japan as well, and I heard the tickets for his concerts are just really hot and exclusive. And something I MUST DO before I live my last breath will be to catch Joe Hisaishi live in concert!

Here’s an absolute favourite of mine from Princess Mononoke – Ashitaka Sekki

And another lovely piece from Princess Mononoke.

And here’s the absolutely gorgeous theme from Howl’s Moving Castle! Pure love:)

And then there’s the super adorable Totoro theme from Totoro! One of my favourites! The crowd just loves Hisaishi (from the applause from the audience! I believe this piece was an encore piece during the concert).

Plus, another gorgeous Totoro score!

And finally, the theme from Spirited Away!

THIS MAN IS JUST PURE GENIUS! He’s such an adorable man too. I love how he smiles and how he enjoys what he’s playing and interacts with the other musicians. Plus, he’s such a humble man too. I think he’s the kind of person who brings much joy to the people around him. I am so much in love with Joe Hisaishi’s music and the films that these music bring life to, Hayao Miyazaki’s amazing films! Two great masters, so in love with their crafts.



Another amazing japanese composer is Ryuichi Sakamoto. I am very sure millions out there would have heard of Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Sakamoto’s signature piece. He has other beautiful and interesting pieces as well.

But I love this live version of Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. It’s just beautiful.


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