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201: Drama Updates (20/05/2010)

Korean Drama(s)

Prosecutor Princess – Episode 15 and 16 out this week! Episode 15 is out! Episode 16 (Finale) will be broadcasted in Korea today! I’m excited!

Coffee House – Episode 1 and 2 out this week! My most anticipated drama after Prosecutor Princess! I think I might like this! I love romantic comedies! I loved Full House and this drama is by the same producers of Full House. There’s 3 of my favourite actors/actresses/singer! There’s suave Kang Ji Hwan, gorgeous Park Shi Yeon and T-ara leader Ham Eun-jung! I’m going to watch Episode 1 now!

Personal Preference/Personal Taste – I’m still stuck at Episode 7, haven’t found the motivation to carry on watching. Episode 15 and 16 (Finale) are out this week too. We’ll see. Should I continue?

Japanese Drama(s)

Shinzanmono – My favourite japanese actor, Abe Hiroshi’s new drama! Episode 5 subbed is out! Shall watch soon!

US Drama(s)

House Season 3 – I’m done with Season 3 (and 1 and 2 as well). I will DEFINITELY carry on with Season 4-6 with the remaining time I have during this holidays!

Gossip Girl Season 3 – I’m done with Season 3 Episode 21 (and of course, Season 1 and 2!) Season 3 Episode 22 will be the last episode for Season 3 before we bid Gossip Girl a temporary farewell till September 2010. And S3 Episode 22 is out! Shall watch soon!


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