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204: Pacman’s 30th Anniversary

Apparently it’s Pacman’s 30th anniversary today! I logged into Google today and was really surprised to see the Google logo designed like the Pacman game. So out of curiosity, I clicked on the logo and the little colourful evil ones started moving and there was the buzzing sound from the familiar game. I was so surprised! So I started playing to relive the good ol’ childhood days. And I’m suddenly hooked!

I haven’t played Pacman for ages. I’m not exactly really good at Pacman but I do remember the days back in primary school when I would play such games in my Ah Ma (Grandma)’s place. My cousins had the really old version of Playstation (I really cannot remember) which you have the games loaded in big bulky cassettes. I remember that we used to play Super Mario, Puzzle Bobble, Pacman, Street Fighters etc on the Playstation, especially during festive days (like Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day gathering, Christmas etc). And all the cousins (all five of us. Back then, the 3 youngest/littlest ones weren’t born yet) would be fighting for the console and our chance to play. When I say I’m not really good at it, I mean it. I’m practically losing in every match/trial/game I play on the Playstation with my cousins. Well, but honestly, we weren’t competitive so we had a lot of great fun back then. Those were the days but everyone’s so grown-up now and we have barely time to talk (any common topics to talk about).

P.S:  Please please please please please reach there safe and sound(: I’m praying for “your” safety, I hope everything goes right.


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