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206: Away Away Away

I finally got the time to catch up on what I’ve missed online and offline! Well, maybe just for a  few hours since I start work later today. Horrifying to see so many unread emails in my mail box daily and the hundreds of unread articles/posts in my Google Reader! Plus, I’m so lagging in my dramas (korean, US and japanese)

But well, I will be away until the 2nd June because I’m stuck at this really horrible and laborious temporary part-time job that pays really meagre salary. I’m saying this because this is my WORST job I’ve worked at! I hate the company/employers, they are just plain stingy and calculative! They are bullying us temps because they probably think we are easy to bully. There’s about 100 of us, temporary stuff and almost all (alright 98%) are university students on holidays. Just like me, poor uni students, having to endure all the trash and rubbish the horrible employers (of full-time employees of the company) throw upon us. They are just so screwed up! It DOES NOT make sense that we have to arrive at work early (half-hour to one hour early) to help when we are NOT PAID and even after the stipulated working hours (10pm), we are told to help clear up the stuff before we leave when we are NOT PAID ANY OVERTIME (basically our hours are fixed, they will only pay us from starting time until 10pm). Please tell me what rubbish this is! I mean, this is not the only matter I’m really angry about. They are just so many  things that I’m really mad about! In a way, they are doing all these to protect themselves but they are going overboard. I feel like trash/labourers/coolies working in this company (it’s a chinese company by the way, a really established book store in Singapore). The employees (full-time staff) in charge of my department are just plain evil, manipulative, authoritative bitches. Although the main lady in charge is nice but her minions are not! Sometimes, I really feel like slapping them or telling them off. Why am I still enduring all these?

My back, my arms and thighs are aching like crazy after each day. My nails are peeling, my feets are sore and bruised and pimples are starting to pop like weasels on a gameboard. Plus, I’m like a dead corpse every morning. These are SO NOT WORTH THE MEAGRE SALARY! Yet, I’m expected to not show this fatigued side of me!  This will be my first and last time I’m working at such a job and this company. So hurry 2nd June! I need to relieve my body and my mind of this inhumane torture!!!

The only good thing is the people I meet there. Friends, uni students like I am. The people I’ve met so far are really nice people to talk to. We had fun, spending our time every day complaining about the company and this job as a whole! Wonder how I’ll carry on without them around!

Tomorrow will be my rest day. I’m meeting my friends for dinner, I don’t know whether to look forward to it or not because I’m just so tired every day and I’ve lost touch with the world. The world seems to pass me by while I’m still rooted and stationary to the ground. As of now, I hate my life. I’m going to slack and study my 2-3 weeks after this job until my internship. Sigh 😦 Hang on, Rina. You’ve 3 work days or 4 days to 2nd June! Jiayou(:


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