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208: Liberation

I’m finally liberated. I remembered that I ‘cried’ on my third day of this job because I was so overwhelmed by everything! The books, the customers and the few bossy and arrogant aunties who were in charge of us. On that day, I felt like quitting but I couldn’t do it. Quitting means a deduction of $80 from our pay. Plus, it didn’t felt worth it after slogging the first two days of work and getting all the body aches and bruises all over. So I told myself to persist on. As of 1st June, 1500h, I’m finally liberated.

I’m NEVER working for this company again. The welfare of the temporary part-timers (us) was really terrible, they treated us like garbage and just like the oxes to do all the manual work for them while they just shout/rant/vent all their anger on us. I really hate the working environment there. Plus, the company is just plain stingy, I’ve been tolerating all these while! But I can’t believe they’re doing this to us again, I can’t believe we all got cheated of 15 minutes today (we ended at 3pm but the guy wrote down 245pm on our timesheet). I mean, 15 minutes isn’t that much, WHY do they have to cheat us of this 15 minutes? We were still slogging our heads off during this 15 minutes before they dismiss us (our original dismissal was 5pm). Anyway, I SHALL NOT HARP ON THIS ISSUE. I’ll just forget it, I don’t want to have anything to do with this company again.

The only good side is the friends I’ve made. Met many nice friends around, I’m hoping to see them around in school when school commences. And just today, the uncles (suppliers) I helped on the setup days came and they were really really nice, joking around with me.

Alright, I’ve very few food photos these days because my lunch and dinner the past 8 days at work have been BREAD. Yes, mainly BREAD, brought from home because food at the EXPO is just expensive (and I hate queues). Bread for lunch, bread for dinner. I had a few rice meals as staple for dinner on some (2 out of 8) days.

So here’s today’s lunch, brought from home. Wholemeal sandwich, packed with lots of lovely goodies. I love such homemade sandwiches! There’s a bacon slice, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and (the best part) melted cheese (because the heat and all in the sandwich container has melted the cheese!)!

And yes, I’m a little insane, I think. When I reached home at around 5 today, I washed up before proceeding to bake a batch of orange madeleines. I have baking/cooking withdrawal symptoms! The orange madeleines this time round turned out lovely! OMG the beauty of orange zest in my madeleines!

It’s okay, I’m going to have many sessions of baking/cooking for the next 2.5 weeks before internship. And there’s potluck at a friend’s place this weekend. I can’t wait to cook/bake some stuff for my friends to sample! I’m making pita pizza, madeleines and maybe, home-made Matcha (green tea) ice-cream.

And yes, I bought 2 new cookbooks at really low prices just yesterday at the event I was working at. Love all the pictures of the food in these 2 books! The book titled “Easy” features many many recipes that I forsee I will try because they look really simple and healthy! YAYS to more posts of experimental food from cookbooks, haha!

Oh yes, that reminds me! I need to go down to Kinokuniya soon to get this cookbook I’ve been wanting to get. “Okashi Treats: Sweet Creations with a Japanese Touch by Keiko Ishida.”

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