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209: Watami (Central)

(waves hello 8) ) Hello E, the intruder! I know you visit my blog and you don’t have to deny it! This is supposed to be a secret (shhhh!) blog because nobody I know, knows I have this blog of random food and weird entries! And I’m hoping to remain anonymous and low profile as of now. So please keep it a secret (Shhhhh!)!

Had a really really late lunch yesterday (at 230pm) because 1) we woke up late yesterday and 2) we had to make a trip down to Tanjong Pagar to submit our timesheet first.

Anyway, we had our late lunch at Watami (Central outlet). My first time there. We decided to go there for lunch, at the recommendation of (who else) but evil E. Watami offers really affordable japanese food and the lunch sets are really worth it (at about $8-$13, complete with a salad and a drink.

E ordered her sashimi reimen ($9.80). She ordered the exact same dish the last few times she came, I think. It looked really good, with all the fresh fresh sashimi. Alright, I’ll KIV it and probably try it the next time round.

E ordered the butter hotate yaki ($5.80) to share. She likes it. But I thought it was just okay, nothing fantastic. Really simple dish. Scallops with shimeji mushrooms, cooked with butter, garlic and herb. I prefer my scallops raw! Scallop sashimi, yums. You can taste the sweetness of the scallop with each bite.

I ordered the Ishiyaki Bibimbap set ($8.80). I know it’s strange to order bibimbap in a japanese restaurant but I just felt like eating bibimbap after my 8 days of mainly bread diet (from work). For the lunch set, ala carte bibimbap and the bibimbap set cost exactly the same price, weird. Ishiyaki bibimbap cames with beef and kimchi and different vegetables. I was happily mixing my bibimbap because I was way too hungry and then I realised that I forgot to take a picture of the bibimbap before mixing! AHHHHHH what a waste! The bibimbap (before mixing) looks really pretty. This is the aftermath of the mixing disaster. But well, bibimbap is all about mixing the rice and the dishes. The beauty of bibimbap lies in the different flavours you get in each spoonful (:

And yes, the salad that came with the bibimbap set. This is 1/4 eaten salad with the usual japanese sesame dressing.

There was quite a large variety of drinks you can choose from for the lunch set. I chose hot yuzu tea. I love love love yuzu! It’s the same as the korean yujacha (유자차)/citron tea!

I was way too full after everything. But E stil had stomach space for some ice-cream. She has been craving for her Azabu Sabo’s milk tea ice-cream for the longest time and she managed to satisfy her cravings with a cup of milk tea ice-cream. I tried it, it did taste like milk tea. If I were to order, I would definitely order the green tea ice-cream. I like the chestnut, milk, tofu and sweet potato ice-creams too!

We went to Meidiya yesterday too. And I couldn’t find a cheaper matcha powder. The ones I saw were $12 for 30g and $12.50 for 40g of matcha powder. I do know that someone bought matcha powder for $6 for a 40g container. I’m not going for Phoon Huat’s green tea powder because it looks too green and tastes really artificial. I guess I will have to look around for a cheaper matcha powder before I can embark on my first ice-cream making session. Matcha ice-cream:)

And what about Watami? Will I be back? The food is definitely affordable and they have quite a good variety of japanese food too. I will definitely be back for more.


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