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210: Baking Madeleines (again)

I spent the entire late morning baking some madeleines for the potluck I will be having tomorrow. Somehow, I find that the madeleines I baked taste better the next day. If you’re worried about them being cold, you can easily heat them up in the microwave oven for 30 seconds before consumption and they’ll be hot and buttery soft.

I baked quite a lot of madeleines this time round. I baked 3 batches of original madeleines (vanilla extract), 2 batches of lemon zest infused madeleines and 2 batches of chocolate madeleines. I hope the friends will like them tomorrow!

And after all the baking, I got to worry about lunch again. I wasn’t in the mood for noodles so I decided on sandwich again! Yes, I know. Shouldn’t I get sick of eating sandwiches after an entire week of bread and sandwiches for lunch and/or dinner? But well, I just felt like sandwich-ing!

I bought a bag of frozen soya beans (edamame) this morning from the supermarket. So my sandwich for lunch is basically made up of 2 slices of paper thin honey baked chicken roll, 1 cheese (melted, yum yum), japanese cucumber slices and edamame (soya beans) between 2 slices of wholemeal sandwich breads.

Love the combination!

Hmm, I finally have the time to rest in my room again (and probably, watch some dramas!) after toiling in the kitchen since 1015am baking my madeleines, preparing my other stuff for tomorrow’s potluck, preparing lunch and cleaning up/mopping the kitchen after all the baking/cooking. And later I’ll have to cook the brown rice and the vegetables for dinner tonight! We’re having stir-fried assorted vegetables as one of the dishes. I think Mummy’s going to buy back (tabao) some dishes (1 or 2?) later after her work too. There will be broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and baby corn in the assorted vegetables dish! Hehe (:


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