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212: Swensen’s (West Mall)

The last time we wanted to eat at Swensen’s, there was a snaking queue because it was lunch hour. We gave up queueing because we were hungry and we settled for something else.

Swensen’s has this ongoing Lunch 1-for-1 promotion, which is a really good deal. I remember making use of this lunch promotion with some of my university friends last year. I had some grilled sambal fish thing which was quite bad because the fish was not fresh and came in a really tiny portion. So then, I decided to settle for the more common dishes (cause’ you can never go wrong) like pasta or baked pasta/rice etc the next time I visit Swensen’s again.

Just today, we decided to have another date at Swensen’s. The lunch deal is from 11am to 2pm. To avoid the lunch crowd, we decided to have early lunch at 1120am. Haha (:

I was browsing through the menu and nothing seems to interest me. I didn’t feel like going for something heavy and at the same time, I was telling myself to steer clear of strange items on the menu (which I am always inclined to try). When I saw this on the menu “Pesto Salmon Saute”, I knew this was it.

Why, you may ask? It has a “Healthier Choice” logo. Haha (:

Besides that, it looked really the kind of food I felt like eating today. Pesto Salmon Saute ($15.90) was really good and it did not disappoint. The salmon was fresh and grilled to perfection! The salmon skin was crispy and non-oily. The salmon flesh was soft and fresh and just perfectly cooked. The pesto sauce that came with it was not too bad, but still I prefer my pesto GREEN and exploding with the lovely flavours of basil. The vegetables that came with it were yummy! Nothing beats boiled/steamed vegetables! There was a serving of mashed potato (other than the mashed potato, I had no complaints because I still prefer my potato in their potato-ish form, not mashed. But I still eat them though), boiled carrots, radish (me love!) and beans (that was oh-so-sweet and juicy). I love this! I’ll be back for this!

My dining partner had this! Baked beef lasagne ($14.20). I love lasagne too but I wanted something light. The lasagne was pretty good too. Love the luscious green capped lasagne! Haha it’s actually spinach!

And I think it’s probably because we came early so our food was really good and really well-cooked and all. During lunch hour, I think the chefs would probably have to juggle the many lunch orders. The food wouldn’t be as good? That’s what I think.

Total damage was $16.70 for two! Really worth it because I had my salmon fix. Yum yum salmon!

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