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215: Fluffy Pancakes AGAIN!

The same do-ups, the same settings, the same finishing touches! Fluffy pancakes AGAIN for breakfast this morning! Yummy, nothing beats better to waking up to some warm pancakes with the lovely fragrance of maple syrup!

I’m having some almond jelly cravings! And I bought ingredients from the supermarket yesterday to make some homemade ice-cream. I don’t have an ice-cream maker (it costs at least $100) so I’m planning to make it the primitive non-ice-cream-maker method (haha). I bought a litre of whipping cream (on offer at $8, the usual Emborg 200ml costs $3.40), black glutinous rice, coconut milk and coconut cream. Can you guess what I’m planning to make?

Pulut Hitam ice-cream! (:

I realised the recipe for pulut hitam ice-cream doesn’t require the heavy cream/whipping cream. But the whipping cream was cheap so I got it. I will just need to look for good matcha powder before I can make some matcha ice-cream. Buy some strawberries before I can make some strawberries ice-cream. And of course, get some vanilla beans and good ol’ chocolate before I can make some good ol’ vanilla beans ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream. Haha 🙂 Versatile huh?

And I borrowed this book “Williams-Sonoma Frozen Desserts, made easy with step-by-step photographs” from the library yesterday! It’s awesome! It has step-by-step photos on making the custard (the essential part) when making homemade ice-cream. Plus, there are recipes for strawberries. vanilla, chocolate and 47 other lovely frozen dessert recipes! Cool beans (:


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