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216: Freezing in Progress!

Freezing in Progress! Do Not Disturb!

I’m being all so adventurous again! This time round, I’m attempting a simple chocolate ice-cream WITHOUT an ice-cream maker! Before I end this post, remind me to do “an ice-cream prayer”. This little amateur baker (who else BUT me) is attempting a humongous feat, in making ice-cream without an ice-cream maker. I’m using the custard method (a food blogger was saying that she acknowledges only this method), with all the tempering of the egg yolks and heating the custard-milk-egg mixture over medium heat etc etc. I’m using the recipe from Williams-Sonoma recipe book, will share if it succeeds! I chose one of the simplest ice-cream to make – chocolate ice-cream. Only because I have all the ingredients at hand. I love vanilla beans ice-cream but I don’t have any vanilla beans with me right now! I do know Phoon Huat sells them but it’s way too far. Any idea where in Singapore can you get vanilla pods/beans?

So far, everything turned all really well! The custard was really lovely and smooth. And I tried the “cream” (custard?) mixture and it tasted lovely, all chocolatey and really rich. Tastes like good chocolate gelato.

Some preview pictures!
Chopped good dark chocolates (this is only half of what I used).

And yes, the custard/cream before frozen.

So please, my dear ice-cream, please succeed on my first try. Please be my confidence booster! I SO need some right now! I promise I’ll share you with friends and family and eat you up real well.

Alright, I think they should freeze well by tomorrow morning (keeping my fingers crossed). Will post up the picture of my (successful or not?) chocolate ice-cream tomorrow! Please turn out well 🙂

Update (21:04pm): The ice-cream is looking really really promising! Gave it a whisk just now at around 8 plus and it’s getting all frozen and slightly airy but still ever-so creamy! I tasted it again and it is just so chocolatey rich and good. Shall do a final whisk at around 10 plus before I retire for bed! I’m hoping to see some beautiful chocolate ice-cream when I wake up tomorrow morning!


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