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222: Pizzas!

Pizzas are absolute love! Cheesy crust ones, paper thin ones to wood-fired ones. Pizzas on lovely pita breads are an instant homemade options! 15 minutes at 200 degree Celsius in a good oven with ample fresh ingredients will do the trick! Pizza Hut or Domino’s are good substitutes when you are craving for some pizzas! The paper thin ones over at Timbre (I love the Roast Duck pizza there) are really really good too!

Popped by Pizza Hut for a quick Saturday dinner with cousins and aunt and sister last weekend. We had the Seafood pizza on the Cheesy Lava3 crust. It’s the ultra ultra cheesy crust! I love the moist and soft mozzarella cheese cube/bit hidden within the crust! But the seafood toppings were a disappointment! I thought the lime mayonnaise on the pizza was really gross! I would still prefer my Pizza Hut’s Singapura Supreme pizza (it’s my favourite combi of beef, olives and capsicums)!

And we popped by Marche at 313 Somerset yesterday for lunch. We had a really delightful pizza! It’s the parma ham and white asparagus pizza! OMG it’s GOOD! It’s my first time eating white asparagus! I last saw “Jamie At Home” with Jamie Oliver introducing the different variants of asparagus. And I so wanted to try the white variant. I was reading the local papers weeks ago (months ago?) and read that white asparagus were in season. But they are SO EXPENSIVE (probably more than twice the price of the normal green ones)! And yes, cheap thrill. And yes, my first time trying parma ham too. I’ve read many food blogs where chefs paired parma ham with lovely sweet melons (the lovely salty and sweet combination). I’ve always wanted to try parma ham and I know it’s really expensive!

The parma ham and white asparagus pizza we had was really delicious. The chef (the guy’s Caucasian. I rarely see Caucasian chefs over at Marche. The chefs over at the Vivocity outlet I usually frequent are often Chinese or Filipino) over at the Pizza counter at Marche prepares the pizza on the spot when you order it. And the pizza is baked using the traditional wood-fired oven! The crust wasn’t paper thin but it was just perfect. It was crispy and nicely browned. Love the pizza! Sis was amused that there was an egg in the centre of the pizza (Yes, she loves eggs!). Well, I just learnt the pizza with an egg is called “Pizza alla Bismark”, some claimed that it is how Italians eat their pizzas sometimes. I’m not too sure of its origin too.

But well, do try Marche pizzas! The 313 Somerset outlet is really huge, with ample seats. The food marketplace occupied a larger space and we definitely had a lot of space to roam and choose what to eat. The decor was really country and cosy too! But I felt the interior decor over at the Vivocity outlet was prettier! But the Vivo outlet was way too cramped 😦

I took a picture of the lovely porcelain plates that were near our table. Pretty:)


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