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223: Chef Icon – Nature Bakery

A lovely surprise find, I must say!

The weather today is terribly cold and after sitting through the one and a half hours of bus journey (the usual journey is only 45 minutes but because of the heavy traffic along the roads) with the air-conditioner just above me, I was freezing and my fingers (palms) were numb with the cold. I was supposed to find this bookstore along Kampong Bahru Road to purchase a reference book before my internship next week. I found the bookstore with great ease and had a pleasant time there because the lady (I presume as the owner) was terribly nice and chatty.

Feeling cold and hungry (it was noontime), I needed to get something to fill my tummy. I chanced upon this bakery, located right beside the bookstore I was in.  There was a tiny rack of breads and I chose two buns, which names sounded really interesting. I was instantly attracted to the name “Hokkaido Snow Bread”! I love Hokkaido and all things Hokkaido related. At that moment, I imagined the bread to be light and fluffy, just like the japanese breads I have eaten so far (I love the milk pan from Provence!!!).

I chose the Hokkaido Snow Bread with raisins (I cannot remember the exact name). And the Japanese Sakura Wholemeal Roll with dark chocolate and bananas. At the bus stop while waiting for the bus home, I ate the Hokkaido Snow Bread and I loved it! The bread is so light (yes, the weight, literally) and fluffy! I like the filling within too, the bread was filled with a really light and yummy cream and some lovely raisins! It’s not sweet too! So no pictures for the Hokkaido Snow Bread since I ate it before I could capture it on film.

But I took a picture of the Japanese Sakura wholemeal roll with dark chocolate and bananas! And yes, it doesn’t disappoint too! It’s equally light and fluffy! I loved it too!

I was really blur and I left the bakery without knowing the name of the bakery or even asking for a name card. But well, I googled the address and found the name of the bakery. It’s Chef Icon – Nature Bakery. There was a website too. The guy tending the store (I assume is one of the pastry chefs) was really friendly too and he asked if I have tried their breads before and he told me that their breads are healthy, cause’ they do not use margarine (margarine = trans fats) and their breads have no preservatives. I was really cold, hungry, blur and was lugging this rather heavy reference book around so I didn’t have the energy to react to his friendly questions and remarks.

According to their website, they have adopted the Avino.Neutro baking style (sounds cool!) and their breads are supposedly healthier and of better quality. Basically, they call themselves a 100% natural bakery. The name of the bakery feels really japanese too.

But well, healthy eating is so me! 🙂 Aside from the occasional indulgences (like dining out and sweets/desserts etc), I’m usually adopting my healthy eating lifestyle 24/7. I like the entire concept of this bakery and the bread I’ve tried so far! So this is really a pleasant surprise! Besides finally getting my hands on my book,  I discovered a lovely gem next to the bookstore I went to. If only the bakery wasn’t so far from my place, I would probably buy some breads (and try other stuff, I read that their chocolate Travona and cheescakes are good) every now and then. But if I were in the vicinity, I would definitely drop by to get my breads. Oh wells 🙂

The address is: 5 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169341

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat (830am-830pm)


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