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225: Bibimbap

For me, one of the easiest dinner or meal to prepare is the bibimbap! A number of people have said that bibimbap is really difficult to prepare because there are just so many ingredients! But I beg to differ. I love bibimbap! My favourite korean food is bibimbap, a dish I will always order when I dine into korean restaurants or eateries. Bibimbap is just so easy to prepare! In dramas, you often see the actors/actresses just mixing the leftover rice, leftover dishes and kimchi, together with the gochujang (hot pepper paste) when they are hungry at home!

I like to refer to Aeri’s Kitchen for korean recipes! And I used her Bibimbap recipe for my bibimbap! I basically referred to her recipe for the marinade for my ground beef and the mixing of the gochujang! As for the vegetables, instead of stir-frying them, I prefer the healthier way – boiling it slightly (or simply blanching it, if you prefer slightly crunchy ones). And since I didn’t have a stone bowl (and therefore, no dolsot bibimbap), in order to have your bibimbap warm, cook all the ingredients and the rice only when you wish to eat. For rice, it’s the usual brown/red rice mixture with barley, kidney beans, millet etc etc etc. To top it off, I had my egg sunny side-up with the yolk flowy. I don’t really like flowy yolks but when having bibimbap, I like my yolks flowy. I like bursting into the egg yolk and mixing it together with the rice. The end product – the bibimbap will be all glossy and shiny because of the egg yolk! So yummy!

Alright, here’s my bibimbap, all pretty and nicely in place! The lighting at my dining table was not really bright, hence the photo didn’t turn out well! I didn’t think it’s really polite to leave the dining table when we were all dining just to capture a photo. So I left it and took this shot! A little blurry too!

Here’s the aftermath of the mixing! MESSY but it’s so YUMMY!

And here’s the lovely colours from the boiled/blanched vegetables! Carrots, cucumbers and beansprouts! Didn’t capture the mushrooms but I stir-fried the mushrooms with onions and a little oil and water! They tasted the way I like it because I could still taste the fresh mushroomy flavour!

And here’s my marinated minced/ground beef! I like it a lot! I followed the recipe from Aeri’s Kitchen!

And there, a lovely simple and HEALTHY dinner! BIBIMBAP:)


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