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228: My First Tamagoyaki Frypan!

It’s probably the “age” thing or it’s probably just me. We were at the newly opened Daiso at Bukit Panjang Plaza this evening! It’s really bright and pretty big (though not as big as the IMM one)! And they have some unique stuff which I can’t find over at Daiso IMM! I love Daiso because everything there is only $2! And they are all so value for money! But the best Daiso I’ve been to are the ones in Japan! I remember being in this 7 storeys Daiso in Hokkaido or Tokyo, can’t remember the details.

Anyway, it’s probably just me. I spy young girls (alright, maybe around my age or slightly older) shopping at sections like beauty produts where you get those cheap $2 cosmetics or nail art stickers etc. And where was I? Over at the cooking/baking section! And the food section! Saw a bag of kinako (soybean powder/flour) for only $2! It’s really cheap because it was a rather big bag! I love kinako but I couldn’t find a reason to buy it. It goes terrific with mochi but I don’t exactly like mochi! Maybe when I make my first batch of matcha ice-cream or when I buy some matcha ice-cream (after I give up on the thought to make some matcha ice-cream), I will get a bag of kinako (if available) as ice-cream topping!

And I saw so many lovely baking stuff! I saw stacks of japanese recipe books! And they look so lovely! I mean, the recipes all look so lovely because they were books of desserts (like cakes, japanese chiffon, scones, chocolates (nama chocolates, yum!))! I was so tempted to get a few because the pictures look so lovely but I couldn’t read japanese! Or maybe I could get them and get my BFFs to translate for me since they know japanese (it’s funny because in my clique of BFFs, it’s Japan-Korea, 3-1, I’m the sole proud supporter of Korea!). I love scones and japanese desserts! The recipe books all just looked too good. Sigh, should I get them?

Anyway, back to the main reason why I blogged. I bought my first tamagoyaki frypan! I’ve been looking for my rectangular frypan for tamagoyaki since forever. I remembered searching IMM Daiso but I couldn’t find it. I saw the frypan today at BPP Daiso and I was so happy, I knew I had to get it! I attempted a fairly food attempt at tamagoyaki the last time I made a bento but I made it in a huge circular frypan! The egg wasn’t even circular or rectangular so I had to trim the edges to make it neat. But with a rectangular frypan, everything’s easy now!

So here it is! My first tamagoyaki frypan! It’s only $2!!! YAY YAY YAY This makes me so happy! Am I crazy or what? Maybe, domesticated?

AHHHHHH I start work on Monday! NOOOOOOOOOO 😦


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