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230: POPcorn!!!

Around 60 years ago, my maternal grandfather (or more affectionately known as “ah gong” to me) tagged along with his father from China to Singapore. He later married my grandmother (who is an Indonesian Chinese) and had five children. Mum used to tell stories of her childhood, of how poor they used to be, when all 7 of them lived in a one room flat and many more. My grandfather is a really respectable man, at least to me! I’ve always respected my ah gong and I really love my family a lot!

Just weeks ago, ah gong and ah ma (my grandmother) made a trip down to China (Xiamen) to visit my ah gong’s siblings! According to Mum, the last time they met was probably 20 to 30 years ago. It’s amazing how I have relatives  in China (Xiamen and Shanghai) whom I’ve never met before (but heard from my grandparents and my parents and my aunts/uncles)!

Anyway, back to the main reason why I’m blogging! My “distant” relatives in China gave us some souvenirs! In the bag was this quirky little pack! It’s apparently microwaveable popcorn! How peculiar is that! Okay I just realised I’m a noob, you can make microwaveable popcorn too! All you need is the popping corn, seasonings and a paper bag. Google search of “microwave popcorn” gave me 681 000 results. Oh well, I thought it was really interesting!

This was the popcorn snack I got. This was the strawberry flavoured one. I haven’t tried the strawberry flavoured one and I hope it wouldn’t be too weird. We tried the original flavoured one.

When you open the plastic wrapping, you get a sealed bag of popping corn.

This was the result after placing the sealed bag of popping corn in the microwave for 3 minutes. An inflated bag FULL (compact) of popcorn!

And there, we had some yummy popcorn for afternoon snack!

And we ate this while watching the award winning japanese film “Departures”. I’ve been wanting to watch this film for ages and I finally got down to watching it after 2 years! And yes, it is a really good film! I really enjoyed it a lot. It definitely deserves the awards it got! 🙂 And I just realised the composer of the soundtrack is none other than Joe Hisaishi! My favourite composer, Joe Hisaishi, hehe (:

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