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233: Bakers World

It feels so terrific and so good to be back at home, in the comforts of my home and my room! It was hard getting through the past two days. So I’m really counting down to Friday because that will mark the end of my suffering over at the location I’m attached to this week. But I have to be thankful I have another of my friend as company or else I would probably die there!

Anyway, back to today’s post! There has been a lot of events going around in my workplace lately. It’s probably some anniversary thing and there’s a celebrations day today (where we had free buffet lunch). And there’s even a bazaar ongoing in the basement today and tomorrow. There were a lot of things to see and buy! A pity we didn’t have enough time during our lunch break today. Perhaps, tomorrow?

But we managed to buy some cakes from the bazaar. They had external vendors to set up food stalls and some other stalls (which we didn’t get to see).

We caught sight of this stall selling cakes, they were selling 3 cakes for $10, which were really quite reasonable. Quite a lot of variety to choose from! And apparently chocolate truffle was really popular!

But I don’t like to go for the conventional. I wanted to try something different. When I saw avocado cake, I knew that was it. There was durian as well, but as much as I love durians, I prefer them in the raw form (yahoo! we might have durians tonight because Daddy is going to buy some later). So I bought avocado cake and blueberry cheesecake (shared another with a friend of mine).

This was the lovely pale green avocado cheesecake.

And the blueberry cheesecake.

Quite a huge slice so it was really worth the price! Tastewise, it was pretty nice. I like the avocado cake. There was a faint avocado taste and it did taste like avocados (and definitely not artificially flavoured)! I do know many friends who don’t like avocado so I don’t think many will appreciate it. But on the contrary, I like avocado and strange confections (like avocado cake) too! The spongecake that went with the avocado was light and not dry.

As for the blueberry cheesecake, it was pretty good too. The cheesecake wasn’t the japanese sponge cheesecake kind but more of the, slightly dense variety. But it wasn’t overly dense or cheesy. I thought it was pretty good as the cheese taste was there! The blueberry was more of blueberry preserve and it was still tolerable to me.

Both cakes are not very sweet so it’s perfect for me too! There were a lot of food stalls there too. I feel like getting some portuguese egg tarts tomorrow too! I thought I saw that “Rich and Good” cake shop was setting up a stall there but I was probably mistaken. Anyway, Rich and Good Cake Shop sells really good swiss rolls.

The cakes are from Bakers World.

Address: 15-8 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987 (Tel: 61007107)


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