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234: Desobry Ganache Praline

I bought a box of Desobry Ganache Praline from the supermarket just the other day! On normal days, I wouldn’t think about buying a box of these because I think that a box of these at $4.50++ was on the high side. But since they were on a promotion at $2.50 and the shelves were practically cleared of the Desobry biscuits and there were only 4 boxes left! I thought that it must be pretty nice since they seemed really popular!

The other varieties (seemingly the more popular ones) were all sold out. Only Ganache Praline was left so I bought one box to try! It was quite nice! Sis didn’t really like it though. The biscuit was covered with a thin caramel layer on top and layered with milk chocolate and chopped almonds! But honestly, I do not think that I would buy them again. They are nice but not something I would crave for and buy again. If the other biscuits/chocolate varieties are restocked again, I might get the others to try.


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