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236: My First Food and Travel Magazine!

I have seen the ‘Food and Travel’ magazine many times on magazine racks of NTUC and petrol kiosks. But usually, I wouldn’t even pick it up to browse through because I would usually be attracted by the other more colourful magazines.

Back in my primary school, I read “YG -Young Generation”. Back in my teens, I read “”Teenage” or “Teen” or “Lime”. I outgrew them fast enough only to realise that these magazines are pretty trashy and superficial. And as I ‘age’ into my late teens and early 20s (I’m only 22 this year) and got more conscious of my looks, I got interested in fashion and accessories and cosmetics. “Seventeen” and “Cleo” soon became two of my favourite magazines. But it has been ages (many many many months) since I’ve stopped reading such magazines.

When I saw “Food and Travel” on the shelf of the 7-11 stall this evening, I knew I had to get it! Lately, I’m into experimential cooking! I enjoy baking or cooking during my free time (maybe not these few weeks since I’m busy at work/internship). I love trying out new recipes I found online. I love looking and drooling over lovely food pictures and recipes on local and international food blogs. Yes, I’ve been pretty into cooking and baking this holidays (MUCH more than ever, than I ever used to). I like baking and cooking and taking some shots of my successful attempts at baking or cooking and blogging it here on my silly random (food?) blog.

Am I getting old? Haha I find myself stopping myself from reading those trashy magazines like Cleo and Seventeen and I’m even buying “Food and Travel” now. But well, I love food recipes and eating healthy! So I think I will love “Food and Travel”, will start reading it later! I’m kind of excited too, seeing what recipes they have in this issue! Haha I’m becoming more auntie (?), more housewife-y(?)? Girls of my age read “Cleo” and I read “Food and Travel”! Ooops. But it’s alright, I’m happy and excited. A little crazy!(:


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