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238: Corrinne May’s Song for Singapore

I was surprised when I heard this familiar voice on the television just the other day! OMG It’s Corrrinne May! And she’s the composer and singer for this year’s National Day Parade song! I mean, it’s HIGH TIME that Corrinne May sings a song for Singapore! We’ve had Kit Chan, JJ Lim, Electrico etc singing their NDP songs. How could you miss out Corrinne May?

I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Corrinne May, did I mention? I’ve liked her since her first album “Fly Away”, and I started liking her and her voice and her songs since 2003 (time flies!!!). I’ve been to 3 of her sold-out concerts in Singapore since then. Own all her albums and have 2 albums with her special autograph on it. And a special poster with her autograph on it! And I have a photo I took with her too! I sound like a fan girl. I am, really.

Love this year’s national day song. It’s such a beautiful song! Not the easiest song to sing along to but a really lovely song! It’s so Corrinne May as well.

And I got MORE reasons to catch the NDP parade live on TV on 9th August now because Corrinne May is singing live at the NDP parade. If only I have tickets for NDP! 😦 I’m really proud to be Singaporean.


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