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240: Carl’s Junior Portobello Mushroom Burger (Single)

Had Carl’s Junior for the first time last Friday! I’m not one who would frequent fast food joints so I cannot remember the last time I’ve eaten in at a fast food joint. But at the recommendation of a friend, we decided to drop by Carl’s Junior for dinner.

I ordered the Portobello Mushroom burger (single) and it costs $9.10 (really expensive). I mean, I only eat beef burgers. Cheese and beef and burgers are just a perfect trio. And I am less tolerant of fish and chicken burgers! Anyway, back to the burger, it was huge, just like the ones at Universal Studios.

The burger was okay, pretty nice. I like the portobello and swiss cheese and the beef together. What can go wrong with these three right? But I thought the beef was not as nice as I had imagined it to be. They were having the Thickburger series, with a slightly thicker 100% Angus beef patty. But well, those are definitely pretty high in calories too. I thought the burger was pretty comparable to the Mushroom Swiss Cheese burger at Burger King (and it’s at a lower price too).

But the natural cut fries at Carl’s Junior were nice. I’m not a fries person, and all things greasy. But the fries at Carl’s Junior were really one of the best fries around. The fries were robust and full of potato taste and they were not soggy but really firm to the bite. I like it but I dare not eat too many of them too. We ordered a meal to share since we can never finish the fries and the drinks are refillable.

Will I visit Carl’s Junior again? Well, an occasional indulgence, maybe. And for that, I mean it will probably be a “once or twice a year” event thingy. Honestly, I would rather pay a little more for a better burger at Relish (Cluny Court)!

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