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241: Getting Old and Ill…

A fact that we cannot deny, we all grow old someday and we get ill somehow along the way. Some leave this world all ill and frail and some leave this world silently, without a word.

I followed a senior through her rounds today, understanding her workflow and what she typically does. We heard her counsel a patient before the patient was discharged this morning and I was really overwhelmed by sadness after the counselling. The entire image was still very very vivid in my mind, until now. The aged lady was frail and looked really sickly, lying asleep in bed. So our senior counselled her caregiver, her (equally elderly) husband on her medications. I saw how my senior took the effort to counsel him on the appropriate use of his wife’s medications, using pictorials, chinese writings to illustrate her point because there were times when he couldn’t quite understand. The lady was taking so many medications and all these medications have different doses and different dosing intervals (obviously different indications). And I thought it was really hard for her husband (the caregiver who was equally old) to completely understand her entire dosing regimen. But through great effort, we (hopefully) got the message across to the husband! The uncle was old enough to be my grandfather  and I really really admired how he took such great care of his wife. At the same time, I felt really sad because he can be my grandfather and it pains me to see that their children were not around THEN to care for the both of them. But the lady is so fortunate to have her old mate (her husband) to care for her when she’s ill. I don’t know but I just felt very sad after that. It pains me so much that even after the counselling, the grandfather thanked us all individually. Somehow, I should feel glad that we are able to help them in a way or two. But it’s saddening because there is just so much that we can help them too.

I really admired how my senior does her job and I really liked how she counselled the patient and how she carried herself and spoke (confidently). I feel motivated to become the person she is! Hopefully, with years of more experience and confidence and clinical knowledge gained, I can be good too! I think this will be the direction I’ll be working towards in the near future 🙂


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