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243: Car Wash

I’m not insane but I had a kick or quite a fun time washing Daddy’s car just now! Dad’s away on a business trip to Dubai and I wanted to do something for him. Daddy does so many things and sacrifices so many things for our sake and as his daughter, I ought to do something a daughter should do. Car Wash is fun! It feels great helping the family out too!

It’s great, just having some family time with the family. Since Daddy’s away, the trio (Mum, Sis and I) did a little shopping and feasting (not exactly luxurious dining) yesterday. It was quite fun, I must admit. Girls’ night out! Hope Daddy’s doing fine in Dubai! (:

Alright, tata for this weekend! I’m into the 5th week of my attachment and this week should be fun (I hope, based on my friends’ past experiences). I’m off to Aunt J’s place now to find my two little naughty cousins! Cause we’re going out for dinner together! Goodbye:)


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