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244: Island Creamery Ice-Cream

I mentioned a long time ago that I was craving for Island Creamery’s Pulut Hitam ice-cream! And my dream finally came through many many months later when sis bought two tubs of ice-cream from the KAP branch of Island Creamery. It’s like a dream come true because KAP is so much more convenient for me than travelling to Serene Centre (or worse, Great World City)! Anyway, it’s good because when I have ice-cream cravings, I know there’s good old Island Creamery at KAP. Oh KAP is King Albert Park, by the way.

Sis bought two tubs. Pulut Hitam for me and Teh Tarik for her. I love Island Creamery’s Pulut Hitam and Horlicks ice-cream! Well, no Horlicks this time round. Next time, perhaps?

I love my pulut hitam ice-cream! Yummy:)

The teh tarik was not bad as well if you love milk tea or teh tarik. I can test the tea. Hmm, I think I’ll stick to Pulut Hitam and Horlicks. SIs loves teh tarik like crazy!

The parents love the ice-cream too! 🙂 Yays:)


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