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245: Jack’s Place (Bukit Panjang Plaza)

Jack’s Place is one of my favourite local restaurants. I remember that we used to frequent Jack’s Place every other weekend when I was still in primary school. They offer really value for money set lunches that were really delicious and filling!

Mum had a $60 Jack’s Place voucher so we decided to go to Jack’s Place for lunch today! We would often have the steak at Jack’s Place! The four of us ordered the NZ Rib-Eye steak with brown sauce today ($15). Dad and I have ours well done while Mum and sis had theirs medium well.

The set meal was $15+, complete with a slice of toasted garlic bread, soup of the day (chicken and shallots soup), the rib-eye steak, dessert and tea/coffee.

This was the soup. As usual, the soup was good. I like that the soup served here is thick and creamy and full of flavour. Unlike those served at Pizza Hut, those are terribly thin and weak in flavour, resembling a Campbell soup remake.

And this was my rib-eye steak. It was so good! Tender! Complete with a whole baked potato, with sour cream, bacon and spring onions, steamed carrots, broccoli and onions. The onions were especially sweet today! To everybody’s surprise, I finished EVERY SINGLE BIT THAT WAS EDIBLE on the plate. It was just so good! I am not going to bother about counting calories today!

And for dessert, it was just simply almond jelly. I love almond jelly. Sometimes, they do serve cakes, ice-cream, custard puddings and even fruits.

And yes, I love Jack’s Place. It’s value for money, the food is good and I feel so at home dining here (unlike some other upmarket restaurants). I grew up eating Jack’s Place and I will continue visiting Jack’s Place for as long as it still exists! 🙂 Really satisfying meal today. Yumm:) Service was good too. They mixed up our orders and served us medium rare steak instead of well done but the server was really polite and professional. Service with a smile and a personal touch, good!


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